Find a Degree Online

Finding a degree online has never been easier. So many schools offer tools to get you connected with a career path. Whether you are looking to attend a school in your community, on the other side of the country, or online, we can get you started.

Selecting a School

There are many different types of schools. It’s important to gather information about schools you’re considering. At you can request FREE information from schools before making any commitment. Learn about their programs, campus life, and more!


Online Degrees

Many students are choosing to get their education online. There are many benefits of an online degree including, flexibility, affordability, and availability. Online degree programs give you the flexibility to take classes when you want. Getting an education online is normally more affordable than classroom-based education. With an online degree there are many more educational opportunities available to you. You’re not stuck with the colleges nearby.

Education Pays

Many students worry about the cost of education. It’s important to know what you’re paying for, but there is one proven fact about education: it pays. In general the cost of an education pays for itself over time.

Education Pays

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) a person with a bachelor’s degree earns 34% more than the average worker. The data also shows that people with an education are less likely to become unemployed.

Top Programs

Nursing. Nurses are found in almost every healthcare and medical facility across the country. Registered nurses are the fastest growing healthcare job occupation. Get a jump start on a career that pays well and helps people at the same time!

Business. The business world is rapidly changing. Even the “mom & pop” stores are beginning to transform in to business savvy institutions. From accounting to management and nonprofits to international relations, business is a great career.

Health Technology. Healthcare is arguably the fastest growing occupational field. Health technologists and technicians are trained to operate specialized equipment in healthcare facilities. These career options have quick education and training programs with competitive pay.

Psychology & Counseling. Psychology degrees have wide application. From counseling to sports psychology, these degree programs give students the ability to lock in long term careers in well paying jobs.